2019 Rosters

MML U-17 Team
2- G- Gabriel Avery   5’10” Powers Catholic HS
3- G- Devaun Marsh 5’8″ Powers Catholic HS
4- G- Jaylin Jenkins  5’10” Davison HS
5/7- G- Caleb Hodge  5’11” Powers Catholic HS
6- G- Jakhi Isom  5’7″ Carman Ainsworth HS
10- G/F- Elijah Redds  5’10” Powers Catholic HS
12- F/C- Dylan Hignite  6’8″ Holly HS
21- F- Vaughn Peters  5’10” Holly HS
32- F/C- Trenton Church  6’4″ Clarkston HS
Head Coach: Marcellus C. Miller Asst. Coach: Cam Butler/Quay Burks
MML U-16 Team
0- G- Terrieon Robertson  5’9″ Powers Catholic HS
2- G- Samuel Fliescher  5’8″ Holly HS
3- G/F- Deven Wells  6’2″ Flushing HS
4- F- Zachary Green  6’0″ Holly HS
5- F- Donovan Anderson  6’0″ Grand Blanc HS
6- G- Max Fazio  5’9″ Goodrich HS
12- F- Deandre Deleon  5’11” Flint HS
14- G/F- Alec Lewis  5’10” Holly HS
21- G/F- Demetric Robbins  6’1″ Linden HS
Head Coach: Cam Butler Asst. Coach: Quay Burks

6 responses to “2019 Rosters

  1. Isaiah

    do you guys do any tryouts or do you keep the same kids every year?..

  2. Cody

    Do you have any information on the 2013 season tryouts?

  3. Jeff

    When and where are the 2014 tryouts?

  4. Tavoen

    what time is the 15u 2014 season tryout

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