Player Contact List

This is the place where you can find contact info for players.  Players, if you also want an e-mail listed, let me know please.  Some numbers belong to parents so do not call too late without permission from them to do so.


James Richardson Jr.- 810-893-8109
Collin Baert – 248-648-0916 or 313-805-0558
Donovan Pointer – 810-893-9914
Trevor Shaheen – 810-308-0292
Gavin Ambrose – 248-648-5521/ 248-895-7644 (mom)


Brandon Buswell – 810-965-8536
Vaughn Peters – 248-467-4436
Hunter Jackson – 810-459-0454
Dylan Hignite – 248-245-5121
Austin Pellett – 248-660-5389
Noah Baylis – 248-212-9431




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