Updates and resuming of MML practice…

All, hopefully you are finding success with your HS summer programs and are continuing to progress.  For those who’s teams are not participating in summer league, I hope that you have continued to work out.  We will be resuming practice next week on Tuesday, June 25 from 5-7 as usual and will also go next Friday, June 28 at the same time.  Now, we understand that some of you will have HS games and you will not be punished for not attending practice; however, we want to open the gym up for some drill work work for those who are not scheduled with their HS.

If you have not completed your commitment payments, the time has come to do so.  There will be no July exceptions to that and that financial commitment is how we play in July as the tournament fees do increase.

Also, I want us to all keep Mrs. Julie and Sammy in our hearts and prayers as they lost their mother and grandmother respectively.  We take being a MML family as a real thing, not just words so when one has a loss, we all do.  We pray for their entire family.

If there are any questions, contact Coach Miller immediately.

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