Recap and Practice this week…

Well, we had, in my opinion, our best week as an organization last week from tough practices to learning a lot about ourselves in the games as well.  The key will be to maintain that momentum moving forward and build on it.  The best way to be able to do that is to be in PRACTICE Tuesday and Friday (5-7pm) to continue fostering that growth.  Also, I would like every one to watch the following videos:

Become familiar with the CONCEPTS.  This essentially is what we are trying to do in a nutshell, that is, pressure the defense every time down the floor as well as space the defense out in a press break situation.

Now, that said, we have one issue to address:  The u17 team is missing one pair of white jersey shorts.  These shorts cost me $50 a couple years back out of my own pocket.  Missing them is not an option here, which means whoever has them needs to bring them to practice.  Everyone needs to check their clothes at home to look for them.  I do not want to waste practice time dealing with this…but I will because you all need to learn how to take ownership and responsibility for things that are entrusted to you.  Now if any one was wondering why we collect jerseys each week, this is an example of why.  I would also like to point out that the Mid Michigan Lakers did not purchase these uniforms, one individual contributor did and we want to be responsible with that contribution.  Everyone player please look through your bags and clothes to check.  Thank you!

Bonus video:

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