Practice day/time CHANGE this week…plus other info

All, due to a major event at the church this weekend, we cannot practice on Friday.  However, Mrs. Julie was able to secure Thursday night from 7-9pm.  Please be there and on time so we can be efficient and hopefully get out by 8:30.  MML wants to thank Mrs. Julie and Faith Lutheran Church for their assistance.

In addition, U16 player Deven Wells’ parents have very kindly offered their help in transporting players to tournaments when they possibly can, so if you are need of help with travel, please let Deven or Mrs. Becky Wells know as soon as you know.  In addition, Mrs. wells is looking into hotel room blocks in Kalamazoo and Mt. Pleasant, so for those in need, please again let her know.  MML wants to thank the Wells family for their help and support.

Finally, if you have not paid your fees or made an arrangement with Coach Miller, you need to do one or the other by tomorrow’s practice.  we need to take care of these responsibilities promptly.  Thanks!


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4 responses to “Practice day/time CHANGE this week…plus other info

  1. DJ Robbins

    Hi coach I will be a bit late to practice,I have tutoring at 6-7 so I will be late by a little bit. Thank you in advance.

  2. DJ

    Hi coach I will be late to practice just a bit I have tutoring after school today. Thanks in advance.

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