We have made it through the first two tournaments…I wish I could say unscathed, but that would be a bit disingenuous.  Each team has had its share of defeats and adversity along the way so far.  It does not get any easier from here, but we CAN and WILL get better…IF AND ONLY IF you trust the process…

What does that mean?  It is not just for the players either.  It goes for the coaches and the parents as well.  Let’s face it; we live in a time where instant gratification trumps hard work.  Many players want playing time given to them instead of earned.  They want practice to be easy and convenient to attend.  They want games to always result in wins where they play well each time.  And many feel that they should do all of this for free because they are that good.

Many coaches want to be gifted a great team that is put together for them.  They want everybody to know everything they should about offense and defense before they get to them.  They want to be able to roll the ball out for practice and games and things work out fine.  They want to spend as little time teaching as possible, and generally don’t want to hold players accountable because it is not always easy to do.

Many parents believe their child is the best player on the planet, and definitely on a given team.  If they are not playing enough, God forbid they ask the player why he isn’t playing better…nah…it is easier to blame the coach.  They want to take the route that costs the least no matter what the circumstances.  They want their child to face little resistance in getting his spot because he has been playing since he was a little boy.

What is the reality of things though?  First, one reality is some people will get upset about the aforementioned statements.  Even though I said many, some will believe I am referencing them…and I just might be.  I am referencing anyone who fits into this description, so if that is you, well, it is what it is…Secondly, AAU travel basketball is difficult from the top to the bottom.  It is difficult to secure players for a grassroots team.  It is difficult to appease players and parents with playing time and mitigating costs.  It is difficult to deal with the struggles of the team through the spring and summer when they may arise.  The competition is far greater collectively than most grassroots players see at any point during their HS careers…

Third, most are not putting in the necessary amount of work to get better (coaches or players), period.  This is the chief reason in my opinion why making excuses reigns supreme over making things happen.  Fourth, we tend to believe people owe us something, but fail to realize the sacrifices made for us.  That is one of those things you will never know the extent of unless you are making the sacrifices.

I could go one, but I think the point is understood.  If you do not trust the process you are undertaking, you will find any reason to explain mishaps outside of looking in the mirror.  Every coach and every player should look in their proverbial mirror after every game and ask what they did well, what needs improvement, and what are they going to do to improve those things…

This program has been built on the family trusting the process.  This year that seems to be questioned more than it has in 11 prior years.  Our track record is clear.  All one needs to do is look at our alumni page to see a plethora of players that have gone on to the next level; some of whom their own parents thought they had no chance to.  But they committed their time, talent, and treasure.  Part of the reason a fee is necessary is also for commitment.  It is much more difficult to leave what you have invested in.  We were taught that our heart is wherever our treasure is and it is true in every situation I can think of.   Trusting the process means yourself, your teammates, and your coaches.  It means facing adversity head on when it comes, not turning the other way.  It means fighting for everything you get to earn it and appreciate it.  It means understanding the sacrifices made for you…for example, 15 young men were cut for the current u17 players.  Now if they show a lack of commitment, what does that say of the sacrifice made for them?

Everyone has a decision to make.  Decisions rule out all other choices.  If you are toying with the idea of leaving the program, you should because you are not fully committed.  If working in practice is too hard, try another sport.  AND you should do so like a man and talk to your coach.  If you want to get better and improve for your upcoming season, commit!  That is the only way the process works…


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2 responses to “#TrustTheProcess

  1. Andy

    Well said coach, well said…… hopefully someone learns from this.

  2. Jay

    Bravo Coach! As a former college basketball assistant I share your same thoughts and feelings.

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