UPDATE: The second tryout for u17 has been CHANGED to Tuesday, March 27 @615pm

All,  I’m unsure how a very old post popped up today,  but the second tryout is tentatively set for Tuesday at FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH (12534 Holly Rd.).   I will post a list of names later tonight.   I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.  I want to thank everyone for coming out and participating thus far.  These are the guys invited back to the 2nd tryout (in no particular order):

  1. Trevor Shaheen
  2. Dylan Hubbard
  3. Ruffy Burks
  4. Jakari Irvin
  5. Tyrese Harvin-Pollard
  6. James Richardson
  7. Jacob Loucks
  8. Darian McNeir-Nealy
  9. Roy Fields III
  10. Dariontae Harris
  11. Donovan Pointer
  12. Collin Baert
  13. Gavin Ambrose
  14. Antion Johnson
  15. Dason Hollins
  16. Ashton Dain-Alexander Fisher
  17. Dondrell Smith
  18. Michael Coleman
  19. Lonnie Wolford
  20. Mitchell Allen
  21. Parker Lepage
  22. Dontae Cummings

I apologize if there are any misspelled names (some of y’all handwriting was brutal).  This invitation comes with no guarantee other than a fair chance.  Should there be a need to update date/time/location, it will be done here and only here.



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7 responses to “UPDATE: The second tryout for u17 has been CHANGED to Tuesday, March 27 @615pm

  1. aml81479

    Was wondering if this is freshman too? Or is this just juniors?
    Thank you

  2. Barb Ambrose

    Is it Monday or Tuesday 3/27?…conflicting info posted

  3. B. Buswell

    Have the rosters been finalized for the other teams yet?

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