Moneyball Shootout Recap…

We were in Lansing this week playing in the tourney sponsored by the company that provides our uniforms for us.  The Moneyball Shootout once again proved to bring good competition despite being a smaller tourney than some.  I wish that all we had to focus on was basketball, but there are a few things that we must address before that happens.

  1. I urge every parent to be engaged in your son’s games.  Come and cheer loud in support of the team…but remember it is about the team.  Suggesting loudly that your son shoot every time he gets it or berating the officials (undeservedly) really doesn’t help us in the long run and works to undermine the coaches at times.
  2. Speaking of the officials, fact is that at many times they were awful this weekend, that much is true in my eyes.  That said, be careful about engaging them too much from the stands in a derogatory fashion.  If you have something to say to the refs, you’re an adult and I would never tell you what you can and cannot do, but please keep it clean and above board.  Now, there are times where the coach feels the refs have lost control and they are all empowered to pull the team off the court when and if that happens.  It has been done before with MML and we will do that well before we put the boys in any known jeopardy.
  3. As for the coaches, also remember that they are all VOLUNTEERS!  They will not make every correct move, but the chances are neither will the players.  There has to be respect of their position as they are sacrificing their time, talent, and treasure for only one reason, to improve your son.  That is admirable.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters…now for the basketball:



Once again, the youngest group managed to go the furthest, making it to the silver division championship game before losing a close one 47-53 to T3 Selects.  They did that with three starters missing for the weekend and another player absent as well.  This team has the heart of a lion and it showed in that championship game where Ben Gramer led with 17p, Hunter Jackson added 14p, and Jacob Boulay put in 6.  Before that, the team went 2-2 in the rest of the tournament.  In a game 1 37-56 loss to the gold champion Prospectors squad, Austin Pellett scored 12p, Jackson had 9p, and Gramer 7p in defeat.  Game 2 was another close defeat to the Michigan Mustangs in one of our better games of the tournament 46-57.  Jackson led with 17p, Gramer put in 11p, and Boulay 6p.  There were no stats kept in the 3rd game in the 41-38 win over the Michigan Titans.  Game 4 opened up bracket play with a 55-50 win over Strictly Skills.  Jackson continued his stellar play stepping up with 15p.  Dylan Hignite had his best game of the spring/summer with 11p and a bunch of rebounds.  Pellett added 10p in this one and Boulay put in 7 of his own.  Overall, it was a disappointing loss in the final game, but a valiant effort nonetheless!  It was great to see kids and parents in their “2020 vision” t-shirts as well…

Offensive MVP- Jackson
Defensive MVP- Pellett
A little bit of everything award- Dylan Erskine
Unsung Hero- Boulay



The sophomore squad had an interesting tournament, playing several close games without being able to get over the top.  Game 1 was a 57-64 loss to T3 Selects as they opened the tournament.  In a well-balanced scoring effort, Trevor Shaheen scored 15, Dylan Hubbard and Ruffy Burks 9, Donovan Pointer and Ethan Brady 7, and MAx Jones 6 on a couple treys.  They lost game 2 by a small margin of 3 points 51-54.  Pointer put in 10p to lead the way, Hubbard added 8, Shaheen/Brady 7, and O’Brien 6.  There were no stats kept in the 35-49 loss to Triple C Blue.  Their final game saw them shorthanded and fighting hard in a 42-53 loss to Macomb County Cougars.  Burks was the leader with 15p scored, Hubbard added 13, and Collin Baert/Gavin Ambrose put in 5 respectively.  Keep working guys!  #trusttheprocess

Offensive MVP- Shaheen
Defensive MVP- Pointer
Unsung hero- Hubbard



This team is the biggest enigma of any group.  They look so good at times and so scattered at others.  It is frustrating for the team and the coaches alike, but something they all have to work through.  Commitment and leadership are the two focuses they need in my eyes.  That said, the first game for them was a tough defeat to the Macomb County Cougars 45-51.  Dominick Williams put in a MML high for this tournament 18 points.  Kennedy Martin and Marlando Wade also chipped in 7.  Game 2’s loss versus REACH 37-77 and game 3’s big win over MMBA Gream Team saw no stats being taken so I am unable to report individual scores.  The final game saw them short-handed just like the other two teams on Mother’s Day, but fighting hard!  They essentially succumbed to the nationally-sponsored Elite Nation team 66-73.  That game saw a big performance by Isaiah Franklin who scored all 15 of his points on 3pt bombs.  Williams put in 13, Martin 12, James Richardson 9, and Dominic Reggio 5.

Offensive MVP- Williams
Defensive MVP- Richardson
Sharpshooter award- Franklin/Martin

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