Silver Semis…


The entire program did something it has never done at once in a weekend…that is, made it to the silver division semifinals of the same tournament at the same time.  Unfortunately, we also also bowed out of the Warriors Jam Fest at that point.  We finished with identical 2-3 records, despite having several key players missing from two of the teams.  It is a step in the right direction as each team experienced the euphoria of 2 wins each.  Now, this right up will lack some detail due to some stats not being available.  As a side note, MML parents, when you keep score at the table please take a picture of the score sheet so we can accurately report scores.  You never know who may be looking and wanting information.  But a few organization’s volunteers didn’t even keep the individual stats, so I apologize for the lack of detail in advance.  Guys, it is the time of year where decisions on commitment should already be made, and accountability should be the norm.  If you are not going to be at practice or a tournament for any reason, you should be letting your team and coach know, period.  There are no exceptions to this ideal, none.  If you are not, then you are wrong.  You don’t have to answer to anyone, but you should WANT to be accountable to your team out of respect for them.  Further violations of this principle may result in your time with MML being cut short.  It is the coach’s responsibility to respond to your players that do communicate with you as well as accountability comes on both sides.  If there are any questions about this, see your coach.  That said, we are back at practice tonight (@Mott CC) and hopefully Thursday (@Holly) from 6-8pm preparing for the Moneyball tournament in Lansing.  The recap of the Warrior Jam Fest is as follows:

U17 (2-3 record):

The U17 is the biggest enigma of the group this year.  They don’t have problems being in close games, they just haven’t learned how to get over the hump all of the time just yet.  In addition to that, having two starters missing for Sunday’s bracket games severely hurt their chances at further advancement in the tournament.  However, one thing is sure…these guys play hard in every game no matter what.  They just have to work on not letting the ebbs and flows of the game get to their emotions.  In a two point game 1 loss to Hype, Aareon Broughton (Grand Blanc HS) showed his potential with a 23 point outburst (and just missed a highlight reel, ESPN Top 10-type dunk).  If he can bottle that effort each game, watch out.  Dominick Williams (Beecher HS) continued his steady play with 13 in that game and Marlando Wade (Beecher HS) added 11 as well.  In game 2, Kennedy Martin (Carman Ainsworth) woke up with three 3-pointers en route to a 15 point performance in the 59-46 win.  Williams added 11 and Broughton/Wade had 6 a piece.  They ran into a buzzsaw the next game versus the Downriver Boys Athletic Club losing 38-56.  Broughton and Isaiah Franklin (Holly HS) had 8 points each.  Demetrius Miller (Madison Academy HS) added in 6 points while Williams and Dominic Reggio had 5.  The team, won a close game short-handed versus ASAP Blazers on Sunday morning, then bowed out to the Cap City Force 44-69 in the semis.  In that game, Williams had 12 and James Richardson (Grand Blanc HS) 8, while Reggio and Martin threw in 6 each.  The improvement is clear, now can we turn the corner is the question.

Offensive MVP- Williams
Defensive MVP- Richardson
High Flyer award- Broughton
Sharpshooter award- Martin
No fear award- Miller


U16 (2-3 record):

While the other teams were losing guys, the U16 group was able to welcome back Donovan Pointer (Madison Academy HS) to help steady the team and add ball handling capabilities.  In game 1, we lost to a very good Michigan Playmakers team 49-77.  Game 2 saw us fall in a tough one, 42-50, to Triple Threat after digging too much of a 1st half hole.  The third game brought about the first win of the tournament 69-34 over PC Force.  Trevor Shaheen (Kearsley HS) led with 13 points, followed by Ethan Brady (Millington HS) and Collin Baert (Lakeland HS) with 11 a piece.  Lapeer HS’s Luke O’Brien and Beecher’s Azonte’ Burks added 8 points respectively.  Donovan Pointer (Madison Academy HS) put in 7 and Max Jones (Grand Blanc HS) scored 5 as well.  They were then able to secure a 67-46 win early Sunday morning versus the Michigan Magic Elite.  Brady led the way with 14 points, while Baert dropped in 12 of his own.  O’Brien, Burks, and Shaheen all put in 10 points as well in a true team win.  The u16 squad unfortunately bowed out 59-74 in the semis to Hoopgrind Michigan to conclude their best tournament of the year so far.  O’Brien paced the group with 12 and was aided by Baert’s 10 points.  Pointer finished with 9, Burks added 7, Brady knocked down a couple threes for 6, and Jones/Hubbard chipped in 5.  Let’s keep improving!

Offensive MVP: O’Brien
Breakout Performance: Pointer
Mr. Consistency: Baert/Burks
Silent Assassin: Shaheen
The Sharpshooter: Brady


U15 (2-3 record):

We learned a lot about the u15 squad this weekend.  Playing without their PG and leading scorer Noah Baylis (Holly HS), who was kept to assistant coaching duties because of injury, the guys found out how hard they have to play for success.  The early returns were rough as they opened against a REACH team that has 4 guys playing above the rim.  The result was a tough 25-56 point loss, but there were still some lessons learned about themselves in the process.  Hunter Jackson (Holly HS), thrust into the starting PG role, led with 8 points, while Ben Gramer (Holly HS) put in 5 of his own.  Game 2 brought a very tough loss to Triple Threat 42-47 as the guys just struggled for consistency throughout.  Luke Curran (Fenton HS) led the way with 10 points, while Austin Pellett (Holly HS) added 8 points.  Jackson put in 7 and Brandon Buswell (Fenton HS) had his best all around game thus far with 6.  The boys then eeked out a win over Banks Basketball 47-44 (no stats kept) on a game-winning jump shot from Dylan Erskine (Clarkston HS) with about 30 seconds left in the contest.  We had a first for this team in game 4 Sunday afternoon as they won via the mercy rule 54-33 over Hype-Black (no stats kept).  Unfortunately, that game also saw starter Pellett take a shot to the chin and have to seek medical attention causing him to miss the final game.  That final game was a comedy of officiating drama, delays, and dumbfounding calls to the point that the opposing coach even apologized for the way the game went in the 34-60 loss (no stats).  To their credit, the boys never used being shorthanded as an excuse and went hard the entire tournament.  They learned just how hard they have to play every game, no matter who is on the court.  I don’t have the stats from most games, but the guys represented MML with class (for the most part).  There was a player technical, which was not acceptable and nearly cost the team a win.  We have to let the coach see fit when that may be necessary, not the players.

Offensive MVP- Jackson
Defensive MVP- Curran
Mr. Hustle- Gramer
Unsung Hero- Jacob Boulay
Technical “award”- Curran (y’all know we will run for that too by the way)
The “Dagger” award- Erskine

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