So Close…yet, So Far…

What a weekend at the Hype/Addix tournament in Dearborn this past weekend.  All teams had an interesting one, some good and some bad mixed in with the good.  Here is a brief recap of the weekend (bear in mind that I did not get stats from the u16 games):


We might as well start with the team that had the most success this weekend, the freshmen squad.  The team put together its best weekend and one of the best in program history, all things considered.  They finished in 2nd place in the Gold division of this NCAA-Certified tournament, the highest such finish in a certified event for MML since its existence.  In route to that finish, they were able to knock off a very athletic team from Illinois and arch rival CDBA (aided by a half court buzzer-beater in the first half by Alec Harless).  Perhaps the best things was they did it as a team in every respect.  I could not have been more proud of them in the championship game when they got behind the 8-ball, down 27-6 at halftime.  They fought and clawed to a 42-45 loss in impressive fashion to Common Bond.  The opposing coaches could not help but to praise the effort in the massive comeback.  Quite honestly, normally a 2nd place finish doesn’t lead us to taking a picture, but the effort required to do what this team did, WOW!  All of that said, we still faced adversity after game 3 with a family member questioning the coach about playing time after a WIN!  Parents/Family, that is not the time, period…

Game 1 46-30 win vs Thunder/Boodline:
Noah Baylis- 11p
Austin Pellett- 7p
Luke Curran/Chad Williams- 5p

Game 2 44-35 win vs. IL Ballers:
Noah Baylis- 20p
Hunter Jackson- 12p
Ben Gramer- 5p

Game 3 43-40 win vs. CDBA:
Noah Baylis/Hunter Jackson- 10p
Jacob Boulay- 6p
Ben Gramer- 5p

Game 4 42-45 loss vs. Common Bond:
Noah Baylis- 11p
Hunter Jackson- 10p
Ben Gramer/Austin Pellett- 5p

Offensive MVP: Noah Baylis
Unsung Hero: Hunter Jackson
Heart Award: Austin Pellett (4 charges taken in one game)
Mr. Hustle: Ben Gramer



The u17 team got bit hard by the injury bug in game one of the tournament.  James Richardson (hamstring) and Clayvon Coleman (broken ankle) were forced out of the tournament.  Prom cost them two more players, so it was a short-handed group that went to battle.  But battle they did.  It did not result in victories, but I bet they understand what type of potential they have now:

Game 1 43-60 loss to Pistons Elite:
Dominick Williams/Kennedy Martin- 13p
Demetrius Miller- 9p

Game 2 50-53 loss to Michigan Mustangs:
Kennedy Martin- 17p (5 3 ptrs.)
Dominic Reggio- 16p
Demetrius Miller- 15p
Dominick Williams- 5p

Game 3 41-46 loss to CDBA:
Kennedy Martin- 16p (3 treys)
Demetrius Miller- 12p
Dominic Reggio- 6p

Offensive MVP: Kennedy Martin
Mr. Hustle: Demetrius Miller
Unsung Hero: Dominic Reggio/Dominick Williams



The u16 team got a victory due to forfeit in game one, then suffered two tough defeats to close the tournament.  While I don’t have stats to display (save for a 16p performance by Ruffy Burks in game 3), I want to address the team a bit.  One player decided it was no longer for him and walked away, which we have always said was up to them.  One thing is for sure, improvement is a process and if you trust it and work, it will come.  The choices we make will affect us moving forward, so just make sure it is a sound decision and one that is well thought out.  We wish him nothing but the best, but as for the rest of the team, time to step up!

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