New Big Thing in the Spring wrap up


This is clearly the most inconsistent group and if that doesn’t change, other changes will be made.  We were bounced by 4 in game 1 while only scoring 29 points.  Ricky Holmes II had 7 and Paris Partee/Thomas Cook had 5 points respectively.  We followed that up with an impressive come from behind victory in game 2.  After being down 16 points in the first half, we were able to get a 6 point win in OT versus the Michigan Tranzition.  Austin Harless led with 22p, Cook 15, and Partee 10p, 10r.  The biggest contribution may have come from the smallest guy when Joseph Johnson changed the game with his defensive tenacity and a big pump fake/basket that sent two defenders flying.  The team built off of that and moved forward from there.  The opposing coach had high praise for Partee as well, saying they had no answer for him and his energy.  Unfortunately, the next morning’s gold division semifinal game at 9:00 a.m. proved to be daunting as most early morning games are.  We held a halftime lead, but faltered 36-46 to CDBA.  Harless had 15p in that one and Savionn Boone added 7.  Overall, a disappointing performance from a team I expect to be in a much better situation.


This team had the unfortunate situation of playing 3 games within a 4-hour span due to their first game being behind schedule.  Despite that, many of them have the hearts of lions.  Kennedy Martin stepped up in game 2, putting in 17p in a 51-56 loss to FABE.  Marlando Wade tossed in 12 of his own, while Demetrius Miller and James Richardson Jr. had 8 and 6 respectively.  In their silver division semifinal game, they had to play without 2 players that had to leave for various reasons.  Even still, they fought until the very end before falling 50-56 to B. All.  Wade had 16, Martin 15, and Richardson 10 in that game.  If the other teams can adopt this team’s desire, we will be a dangerous program.


I didn’t get to see this team play a whole lot, but what I saw was a team that is close to breaking through.  Their second game went right down to the wire with the host Hype team before they eventually succumbed 55-57.  Noah Baylis dropped 5 three pointers in route to a 27 point performance.  Azonte’ Burks also put in 16 points that game.  As I have surmised before, that combo is becoming very steady and deadly.  In their silver semifinal game, they fought long and hard before ultimately falling 51-58.  Burks had 17, Baylis 16, and Gavin Ambrose 8 in that defeat.  The guys are starting to embrace the process of getting better and the wins will follow that process.

News and Notes:

-It was very disappointing to hear that there were some disgruntled parents at some of the games (specifically u16 and u17).  I have said it before and will say it again that the coaches are volunteers, willingly giving of their time.  Not only that, but they are playing who has earned the right to do so in practice.  If your son is not playing enough in your mind, ask them about practice first.  Again, things will be fair, but not equal…much like life.  You are given what you earn.  If there are any questions surrounding that, I will be more than happy to answer them on behalf of the program.

-One person in particular spoke very highly of U15’s Austin Pellet.  They said that he is just one that will not quit and gives everything he has.  That right there will take you a long way man.

-Lots of close games this week, which is a big step in the right direction.  Keep working guys!

-Next weekend we are in Livonia for the Warriors Jam Fest…Let’s GO!


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