2015 MYBA Mustangs Summer Showdown

After a bit of calling on some favors, I did secure MML a spot in the MYBA tournament July 17-19.  That said, it is imperative that those that are going contact me immediately and be at practice tomorrow.  The list of invitees is as follows:

Joseph Johnson (confirmed)

Thomas Cook (confirmed)

Tyler Rose

Austin Harless (confirmed)

Isaiah Franklin (confirmed)

Ricky Holmes III (confirmed)

Matt Buschman

BJ Sims

Devin Williams (confirmed)

Paris Partee (confirmed)

Savionn Boone

Trevor Bland (yes, I know he is injured but his name still deserves listing)

-If you don’t see your name and are wondering why, contact me and I will be glad to tell you.  All of the games will be played at the HYPE Fieldhouse in Dearborn, MI. Everyone needs to bring their additional funds to practice tomorrow.  IF for some reason I do not have a copy of your birth certificate by now, it will be necessary for you to be able to play.  Please also confirm with me your intention of going by tomorrow as well.

This is my program, but this is YOUR team.  The sooner we all understand that and the responsibility that comes with it, the better off we will be.  It is not my team and it is not your parents/guardians’ team, it is YOURS.

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