Potential Summer Play


After careful consideration and more consideration…and then even more consideration, I have decided to reach out to the tournament director from the Mustangs tournament next week (July 17-19).  That said, we fell $100 short of the necessary financial commitment from our fundraiser.  We did a decent job, but not everyone contributed properly or at all.  In addition, we still have some guys who have continued to not fulfill their initial financial commitment.  That is unacceptable for this level of organization 9 years in.  I have cancelled July once before and am not afraid to do it again.  We played an extra tournament in the spring already because I thought we had the character in place to handle our responsibilities.  That was MY mistake for assuming that.

IF, and I do mean IF we can get into the Detroit tournament, there will only be 10-11 players going.  Each one of those players will be responsible for contributing an additional $10 if we want to make it happen.  To be honest, 3/4 of  my mind says to not go because we did not handle things as a team correctly.  The other 1/4 knows that there are some guys that did and shouldn’t be lumped in with the rest.  I do NOT believe Spiece will be an option.  We do not deserve that and to tax the parents with that now may be a bit much.  It is a more expensive tournament all the way around and after talking to a couple parents, would not be in our best interest.

So, here is your last shot to play this summer as a Laker.  If you want to continue on, then contact me BEFORE Monday.  Again, it is contingent on us even being able to secure a spot.

Let me say this, next year will be different right from the outset.  First, we will fundraise from the start.  Second, we will need more parental involvement (I need to have contact with every parent/guardian in the beginning of the spring).  Third, May 1 will be the cutoff point for payment of your fees.  Lastly, there will NOT be two u17 teams unless a MIRACLE happens.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, the responsibility is yours.  Let me know.

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