MML Roster and Team Decisions

It was an extremely tough decision, but we have decided to dissolve the u15 team due to lack of participation.  We know you guys have been working on others, but at this point we have gotten no word on commits and we cannot in good faith field that team.  A few of the u15 guys will play with the u16 moving forward. MML would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause/  The decision is final and at this point calling coach Miller will not alter that.  As for the U16s, your rosters are below.  This is the preliminary assessment, so there may be a bit of movement, but this is what we have so far.  Remember, without paying your fee, your spot is not secure.

U-16 team rosters (subject to change):


Joseph Johnson

Tyler Rose

Ricky Holmes III

Trevor Bland

Thomas Cook

Matt Buschman

Brennan Sims

Austin Harless

Kaleb Brandt

Isaiah Frankliin

Gavin Etson

Savionn Boone


Tyrone Bradley

Logan Vamos

Clifford Hooker Jr.

Bronson Carnes

Omoj Sanders

Jamar Campbell

Devon WIlliams

Bobby Harrison

Ryan Beltz

Rob Patterson

Gregory Bradley

Maurice Johnson

Taras Rushing

Connor Spencer

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