Tentative 2015 MML Rosters

Good evening,

Below you will find the tentative rosters for the U15 and U16 teams.  The U16 boys have not been split into the two teams as of yet, so they will be all listed together.  This list is tentative because in order to secure your spot, you need to confirm with me your acceptance of the roster spot and your birthdate via email at awizonme8412@gmail.com by Saturday, March 28.  Failure to confirm may result in your spot being given to another person.  Also, your payment of $450.00 will secure your spot as well.  Be advised that behavior unbecoming of MML can terminate your membership in this club.  Also, there are some grade and age exceptions.  For example, if your birthday Is AFTER August 31 and you are 15, you can play U15 even if you are in 10th grade.  Rosters may be adjusted at my discretion.  Practice times and locations will be listed as soon as they are finalized.  Any questions should be directed to the above e-mail as well.

2015 U-15 tentative roster (in no particular order):

Kendall Green – Grand Blanc (confirmed)

Cameron Adle – Kearsley

Darius Givens – Kearsley

Gavin Etson – Kearsley (confirmed)

Sedrick Poplar – IAF (confirmed)

Isaiah Franklin – Holly (confirmed)

Devyn Sredich – Kearsley (confirmed)

Gregory Bradley – IAF (confirmed)

2015 tentative U16 roster (in no particular order):

Austin Harless – Holly (confirmed)

Devon Williams – Holly (confirmed)

Ryan Beltz – Holly (confirmed)

Brennan Sims – Swartz Creek (confirmed)

Kendrick Green – Grand Blanc (confirmed)

Matthew Buschman – Brighton (confirmed)

Thomas Cook – Grand Blanc (confirmed)

Trevor Bland – Holly (confirmed)

Joseph Johnson – IAF (confirmed)

Tyler Rose – Genesee Christian (confirmed)

Jamar Campbell – Beecher (confirmed)

Omoj Sanders – IAF (confirmed)

Jaqualyn Kelly – Beecher (confirmed)

Taras Rushing – Northwestern (confirmed)

Savionn Boone – Mt. Morris (confirmed)

Kaleb Brandt – Kearsley (confirmed)

Maurice Johnson – Davison (confirmed)

Ricky Holmes III – Way (confirmed)

Bronson Carnes – Carman-Ainsworth (confirmed)

Bobby Harrison – Holly (confirmed)

Tyrone Bradley – Northwestern (confirmed)

Clifford Hooker Jr. – IAF (confirmed)

Connor Spencer – Holly (confirmed)

Rob Patterson – Goodrich (confirmed)

Logan Vamos – Davison (confirmed)

Not making this list does not mean you are not a quality player.  I am not perfect in my assessment at times.  You may not have had your best workout last week.  Take it as motivation to prove me wrong and anyone else that has doubted you.  How you handle this is important.  Some may not confirm their inclusion on this team and your number may be called.

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