MML U15 2014 roster (subject to change)

To all u15 players and parents…sorry for the delay, but work interrupted this entry.  That said, you will notice that the title says “subject to change” and many may be wondering why.  Inevitably, each year we have players that do not show the proper commitment or dedication to be a MML player.  It may be in the form of not paying fees, not coming to practices, not attending tournaments, etc.  In situations like this, we have and will replace the player after we have exhausted efforts to steer them on the right path.  Our goal is to increase these young men off the court as well as on, so we will make every effort to do that.  Also, some on this list may decide to play elsewhere.  That is fine, but we at MML do not borrow or lend players.  When you play with MML, you are a part of the family and we stay together.  Only in very special limited circumstances will playing for any other team while a Laker be permitted and those must first be cleared by the coach.  That said, here is the current U15 roster:

Trevor Bland – Holly (verified)
Savionn Boone – Mount Morris (verified)
Kaleb Brandt – Kearsley (verified)
Matt Buschman – Brighton (verified)
Thomas Cook – Grand Blanc (verified)
Leveon Greene – FSWA (verified)
Deangelo Henderson – Mount Morris (verified)
Joseph Johnson – IAF (verified)
Destin Julian – Hamady (verified)
Paris Partee – Holly  (verified)
Rob Patterson – Goodrich (verified)
Tyler Rose – Genesee Christian (verified)
Devonare Vaughn – Mount Morris (verified)
Cameron Zappella – Lapeer East (verified)

Attendance at practice is mandatory.  In order to secure your spot, you must confirm by contacting your coach or responding to this post.  Not doing so will give the impression that you do not want to participate.




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8 responses to “MML U15 2014 roster (subject to change)

  1. Devonare Vaughn

    Also, I will be sure to come to the mandatory practice. Thanks A lot!

  2. Logan vamos

    Coach i dont have an email acount is there any other way i could comtact you

  3. Griffen Woycehoski

    I committed to another team yesterday, but thank you for the opportunity, good luck this year.

  4. Tyler Rose

    Tyler is excited to play for your team. We would just like a practice and game schedule when it becomes available. Thank you!

  5. Matthew Buschman

    Matt Buschman is very excited and committed to play for your team! Look forward to getting the practice and game schedule too! Thank you!

  6. Angela Cook

    Thanks for adding Thomas. Keep us posted about practice times.

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