Schedule for CDBA Classic in Kalamazoo this weekend

Tournament Sites:

Courthouse Athletic Center
7365 S Sprinkle Rd. 
Portage, MI
*courts CH#1-4 – BE ADVISED: Courthouse does not allow outside food and drinks.  Personal reusable water containers are acceptable, but not throw away plastic bottles.
Loy Norrix High School
606 E. Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI
*courts LN MAIN & LN AUX
Centerpoint Church
2345 N 10th St. 
Kalamazoo, MI
*courts CP#1 & CP #2


L1. Macomb County Cougars

L3 vs. L4

Fri. 9:30 pm

CH #2

L2. Mid Michigan Lakers

L1 vs. L2

Sat. 8:00 am

CH #1 – dark jerseys

L3. Michigan Madness

L4 vs. L2

Sat. 11:30 am

CH #3- dark jerseys


L3 vs. L1

Sat. 11:30 am

CH #4


L1 vs. L4

Sat. 3:00 pm

CH #3


L2 vs. L3

Sat. 5:20 pm

CH #4- light jerseys

*UPDATE: For MML u17, if we finish 1st in the pool, our first bracket game will be Saturday night at 7:40 pm.  2nd or 3rd place will have us playing Sunday morning at 10:20 am.  4th place will tick coach Miller off, but have us playing at 8:50 pm Saturday evening.

U-16 Blue


G3 vs. G4

Fri. 9:30 pm

CP #1- light jerseys

G2. Elite Skills

G1 vs. G2

Fri. 8:20 pm

LN Main

G3. Mid Michigan Lakers Blue

G2 vs. G4

Sat. 9:10 am

CP #1

G4. Shoreline Hoops East

G1 vs. G3

Sat. 10:20 am

LN Main – dark jerseys


G2 vs. G3

Sat. 12:40 pm

LN Main – dark jerseys


G4 vs. G1

Sat. 1:50 pm

LN Main

~UPDATE:  The first bracket game for MML u16-blue,  wherever we finish, will be 8:00 am Sunday morning.

U-16 White

J1. CDBA North

J1 vs. J2

Fri. 6:00 pm

CP #1

J2. Shoreline Hoops West

J3 vs. J4

Fri. 7:10 pm

CP #2 – light jerseys

J3. Mid Michigan Lakers WhiteJ4. Tri County Tigers

J1 vs. J3

J2 vs. J4

J2 vs. J3

J4 vs. J1

Sat. 8:00 am

Sat. 8:00 am

Sat. 3:00 pm

Sat. 4:10 pm

CH #4 – dark jerseys

CP #1

LN Main – dark jerseys

LN Main

~UPDATE: For MML u16-white, a 1st or 3rd place pool finish will put us in a bracket game at 7:40 pm Saturday night.  A 2nd or 4th place finish will have the bracket game at 8:00 am Sunday morning.

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