NCAA Certified…

Hello all, we are entering into what is termed a “live” weekend for college recruiters and many will converge onto Grand Rapids at the Storm Classic.  Here are some things to remember and keep in mind as we go through this weekend and any other certified events we may enter:

1.  “NCAA Certified” is not french for “do my own thing”.  Believe me when I tell you that you can quickly lose the interest of coaches and teammates by trying to do too much selfishly.  No one is telling you not to score and not to put your best foot forward, but that means continuing to play for the teammate next to you.

2.  During these weekends the college coaches will be asked to use different entrances and exits than the players due to the fact that they can watch but not have direct contact with you.  In other words, don’t go running over to speak because you Coach Izzo or someone like that.  They will also have designated seating/standing areas that are off-limits to players and family.  You will see some of the lower level (JUCO, D3, etc.) coaches have a bit more access, but your job is simply to be the best for your team.

3.  There is a NCAA limit on the number of games you can play in a day during these tournaments so they will almost always span 3-4 days (depending on how well you do).  Be prepared, but more importantly have your parents prepared.  Extra time means extra expense for food and lodging.

4.  You WILL HAVE TO watch a NCAA video at EACH certified event.  It is annoying and repetitive, but just deal with it please.

5.  Remember that your first line of travel is yourself.  Then is your teammates.  Only as a last resort should you be contacting coaches and/or administrators for travel to a tournament.

6.  You are being evaluated at all times; how well you prepare before the game, your attitude on the floor, attitude on the bench, body language, leadership, etc.

HAVE FUN!!!  Having more coaches around is exciting, but remember that basketball is still a game and even coaches want to see you enjoying it and not stressing out under pressure.

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