Former MML forward receives state, regional recognition

Former MML forward James Johnson (Saginaw Heritage) just finished out his sophomore season at Jackson Community College (Jackson, Michigan). Johnson was recently honored with a first team all-conference designation. He was also selected to the District 8 all-tournament team. He led the Jets with 17 points and seven rebounds per game this season.

Johnson, now a 6-4 guard, has expanded his game to the perimeter and is now being recruited by NCAA D-1 and D-2 schools.

Jackson just fell short of a regional championship over the weekend in Indiana, losing to Grand Rapids Community College.

James is a great example of a player who was willing to make sacrifices to become the player he knew he could be. He went from being a gangly, raw power forward to a polished (and physically strong) shooting guard in just more than two years.

Congrats James!


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3 responses to “Former MML forward receives state, regional recognition

  1. That’s what I’m talkiing about! You don’t have to start as a star to become one. And he had the right attitude as well. Learn from his example.

  2. Agreed..Congrats James!

  3. Shawn

    Congrats goes out to this young man!!!!!! You here so many negative things about our youth in society and this is a perfect example of what needs to be communicated. Congrats James, hope to see you in the NBA in a couple years.

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