Sunday night: MML players are invited to the Turcyzn home for a barbeque

In case you hadn’t already been told, MML players are invited to a team barbeque at the home of the Turcyn’s in Lapeer at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night. Their home is located at 3850 Oregon Road, Lapeer, 48446. They have a pool and a basketball court, so come prepared. Members of the U-16 team are expected to attend (coach’s orders).

See you there.


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4 responses to “Sunday night: MML players are invited to the Turcyzn home for a barbeque

  1. Be there…oh and be prepared for a team building exercise if time permits called “Two truths and a lie”. Be ready to tell us two things that are true and one lie and have us guess the lie. I will give you mine now…#1 I coached my first basketball team when I wa sonly 14-years old. #2 I am a certified MHSAA basketball official. #3 I have participated in multiple U.S. national chess championship tournaments. Tell me tomorrow which one is the lie. See you ALL there.

  2. Renee'

    Coach Miller : I would love to know that answer! We will be unable to attend… Thank you for the invite.

  3. Julie Nichols

    So sorry we were not able to attend the barbeque. We really appreciate the invitation, but unfortunately, we were out of town over the weekend and were unable to make it back in time to make the party. We hope fun was had by all. The team building expercise sounded very interesting, sorry to miss that as well.


    Tony, Julie and TJ Nichols

  4. Marcellus Miller

    The BBQ was great and I actually saved the team building exercise for another time when we had closer to everyone present. I appreciate your contacting us regarding though. The parental support this year for my U16 sq2uad has been amazing!

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