July 12-15: Brawl for the Ball information

Here’s an update on Brawl for the Ball. The tournament runs July 12-15 in Grand Rapids at the Devos Center. It’s very convenient because all games will be played under one roof. I know in years past the final day of the tournament tends to be for championship games only. Once the schedule comes out, we will be able to plan accordingly.

As for hotels, the tournament staff suggests three that are close by. That being said, you can find much cheaper rooms by using Priceline.com or some of the other travel websites. As is typical, some parents will choose to commute to the tournament. Please make sure you let your coach know what you plan to do.

I know the U-17 team has several members (and two coaches) who will not be able to attend. Luckily, Chris Hutton, Jr. has volunteered to help coach the team in their absence. I will also be able to help in an emergency, bearing in mind that I’m a horrible coach (coaches must have an NCAA certification, also).

Also, if you have not submitted your up-to-date information for the NCAA (address, phone, birthday, etc.) please do so. Please get with your coaches and watch the site for practice next week.




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3 responses to “July 12-15: Brawl for the Ball information

  1. Kathleen Rodgers

    Hello – Nic is going to need a ride I believe – who can we contact? Thx!

  2. Julie Nichols

    Hey Coach Miller, unfortunately, TJ will not be able to attend this tournament. We thought it land on the weekend and were looking forward to going with the team since we missed the last one. It is a busy time for football now and he can’t miss.

    Good Luck!

  3. I understand…thank you. Maybe the schedule will allow him to do both, never know

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