Updated: Schedule for Great Lakes Classic

Schedule for Great Lakes Classic in Metro Detroit

Troy Athens High School, courts 1-4
Lawrence Technological University 5-6
Southfield Bradford Academy 7-8
Ferndale High School 9-12
Madonna University 13
St. Mark’s Missionary Baptist 14
Beech Woods Recreation Facility 15-16

Click here for Map

Map of gyms in Southfield

Map of Lawrence Tech University
#2 building is Ridler Field House

Pool C (17u) Time Court
C1: Mid-Michigan Lakers C1 vs. C2 Fri 7:10pm 1
C2: Southfield Transition C3 vs. C4 Fri 9:30pm 15
C3: Chandler’s All-Stars C1 vs. C3 Sat 9:10am 13
C4: Camp Darryl Gray C2 vs. C4 Sat10:20am 13
C1 vs. C4 Sat 1:50pm 1
C2  vs C3 Sat 1:50pm 2
Pool P (16u) Time Court
P1: Team Basketball-Red P1 vs. P2 Fri 7:10pm 3
P2: Mid-Michigan Lakers P3 vs. P4 Fri 8:20pm 7
P3: Sting P1 vs. P3 Sat 9:10am 9
P4: ACB White P2 vs. P4 Sat 9:10am 10
P1 vs. P4 Sat 1:50pm 13
P2 vs. P3 Sat 3pm 13
Pool V (15u) Time Court
V1: Shoreline Hoops V1 vs. V2 Fri 8:20pm 9
V2: Mid MI. Lakers V3 vs. V4 Fri 8:20pm 15
V3: W. Michigan Lakers V1 vs. V3 Sat 8am 8
V4: C. MI. All- Stars-Navy V2 vs. V4 Sat 8am 12
V1 vs. V4 Sat10:20am 8
V2 vs. V3 Sat11:30am 5

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