Tentative MML combined U-15 roster

Because of a lower-than-expected turnout for our youngest two teams, there are a few U-14 players on this roster. If you are a U-14 and you do not want to play up, you need to let us know. Please confirm by e-mail to field.jared@gmail.com that you want to be on the team so we can confirm your spot.

Mark Cox

Jaylen Lee

Marquavian Stephens

Kelvin Weston

Trenton Morell

Sammy Toins

Ashton Mathis

Heath Henry

Chris Robinson

Kendrick Davis

Mike Herd Jr.

Trarell Balknight

Noah Parker

Logan Daniels

Aaron Hutton

Coaches: Chris Hutton, Chris Hutton Jr., Gavin Raath


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2 responses to “Tentative MML combined U-15 roster

  1. Renee' Morell

    Please advise when possible on practice day / time for the U15. Thank you so much for all you all do!! Renee’ Morell

    • Renee' Morell

      Thanks Jared. I will plan for Wednesday Night @ 7:00pm. If it should change please send me an e-mail. Again, you all rock. Renee’

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