For parents, players: MML program information for 2011

For players new to the program, here’s how this works:

If you make one of the teams, there are certain expectations involved. If you do not think  you can meet them, you’ll need to find another program. Here are 10 things you should know.

1.) Tournaments, uniforms, certifications, food, extra practice time, etc. are not cheap. They all have associated costs. Therefore, we expect players to make team fee payments either in full or in part (installment plans are acceptable) at the first official practice. The cost for this season is the same as last: $400. We can maintain the same price for one reason only: We don’t turn a profit; this is an all-volunteer program.

2.) The program fee will get each player a full uniform, t-shirt, entry to at least six but no more than eight tournaments as well as court time. We expect players to contribute to transportation costs if they will be relying on coaches for transit. It’s not much, but the increase in gas prices have become quite a burden for all of us.

3.) We expect players to come to practice — it’s typically once per week for two hours. Players who do not come to practice do not get better and that principle will be reflected in minutes played. Further, no player is promised any playing time. This program is about helping players get better, both physically and mentally. Don’t think your parents, grandparents, friends and coaches are making this sacrifice for you just so you can be “seen” at tournaments. They are sacrificing so you can better yourself. If you think you’ve already “arrived,” then this is probably not the place for you. Being “seen” can be a detriment if you’re not any good.

4.) You are expected to be respectful of yourself and those around you at all times. We don’t tolerate bad behavior. If you have issues with personal behavior, this is not the place for you. We want to represent the best of what’s around.

5.) You are expected to communicate with your coaches. No coach should EVER be surprised that you’re not at practice or a tournament. If you have transportation issues or schedule conflicts, we better not find out about them at practice or the tournament. As a member of this program, you must be accountable to your coaches and teammates. Your attitude toward accountability should be no different than what you adhere to during your school season.

6.) When you make a decision, stick with it. There’s value in seeing things through to the end. Persevere. If you don’t get as much playing time as you want, work harder — get better. Don’t look for another program. That’s what losers do.

7.) Make every effort not to complain about officiating. Let your coach handle the officials. Do not concern yourself with the things you cannot control. Players who complain about calls need to use that energy to  make more plays.

8.) We do not expect parental involvement, but we certain desire it. If you or your family can lend a hand, please do. If you have an empty seat on the way to a tournament, ask a teammate if he needs a ride.

9.) I vouch for every coach in this program. More important than knowing the game, these people care about young men. We expect our coaches to set a good example on and off the court, the same standard we hold to our players.

10.) Players play hard. Period. We will never beat the best teams in the state on talent alone, nor will players ever maximize their potential with minimum effort.

— Jared Field


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5 responses to “For parents, players: MML program information for 2011

  1. I concur fully. MML officials seek to foster the development of young men both on and off of the court. This is a learning experience and practice will not be easy; we will not just roll out the balls to just run up and down the floor, but rather provide instruction and guidance. Playing time is earned in these practices. everyone will not receive equivalent time as that is not feasible, however, all will be treated fairly. We want to build off of our programs first full tournament title last year (U15 Flint Affiliation tournament) and the first 2nd place finish as well (U17 CDBA/Bankhoops tournament). To do this, we need effort. Remember, there is no I in team, but there are I’s in dedication, determination, committment, and discipline.

  2. Renee' Morell

    Please advise on practice days / time for 15.
    Thank you !!!!

  3. jaylen lee

    When s the next pratice or tryouts

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