U-15 Lakers finish in final 8 in Grand Rapids

The U-15 Mid-Michigan Lakers finished in the final eight at the Brawl for the Ball in Grand Rapids this week. The team was led by J.D. Tisdale (Flint Northern), Eric Cooper (Buctown) and Zeshawn Parker-Jones (Lapeer West).

The U-15 look to finish out their season on a high note with a strong performance in Chicago at the end of the month.


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6 responses to “U-15 Lakers finish in final 8 in Grand Rapids

  1. Marcellus Miller

    I am very proud of the players that were there, despite being very short-handed. We beat a GR Storm team that beat us handily twice before and had WML on the ropes as well. We showed championship effort and that will translate to more wins, IF AND ONLY IF, everyone shoes the same level of committment as the next one. But we will talk about that more at next Wednesday’s practice. Word of advice from the coach for Wednesday…make sure your skin is thick, you are ready for constructive criticism, and you are prepared to work. It’s time for the next level of practice…

  2. Marcellus Miller

    Oh yeah and we beat a Camp Darryl team that had been playing very well as of late!

  3. T K

    Congradulations MML U15 for a job well done, considering the odds against you…Congradulations to the Coaches for doing such a great job with this team, despite the absense of a few key players, you were able to make the proper adjustments needed to get these guys to play well together as a team…You are definitely right for the job…

    • ROD

      Yea good job coach.I think all and all it was a great showing.If a few things go are way and we have a chance to win it.You and are team deserve alot of credit!

  4. Marcellus Miller

    Thank you for the vote of confidence!

  5. Marcellus Miller

    Yeah, probably not in Vegas…lol…

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