Champs: U-15 Lakers win championship at FA tournament


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17 responses to “Champs: U-15 Lakers win championship at FA tournament

  1. Marcellus Miller

    So proud of all the guys…this is a big start to the program. Considering this is only the second year for MML U15, this is a nice start. A second place finish earlier in Detroit, and a well-deserved championship title as well here…keep working team!

  2. kyle kuzma

    man if the d stars were in here we woulda took home 1st

  3. Brandon Hill

    Kyle if you really think you were that good to play for MML, Then idk why… Seriously….. But Congrats to U15 keep it up boys.

  4. Kyle kuzma

    Man bro we from Detroit son we da best !!!!!!

  5. Brandon Hill

    LoL The best.??? Ok

  6. Marcellus Miller

    Notice the “kyle” is capitalized on some and not on others?

  7. Ha…keep it up! This is hilarious stuff.

    Errrrr dayyy. Ha.

  8. Tyler Black

    I dont think that is kyle but everytime you were in all you did was shoot nothing special. You gotta learn what Team means.

  9. Marcellus Miller

    This is classic…

  10. Marcellus Miller

    Without a doubt…

  11. Marcellus Miller


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