Schedules for Tulip Tip-off

These are subject to change.

U-17 Schedule (No Friday games)

U-16 Schedule (One Friday game)

U-15 Schedule (No Friday games)


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5 responses to “Schedules for Tulip Tip-off

  1. Plenty of opportunities for revenge.

  2. Brandon Hill

    Yeah we getting Camp Darryl, With Syrus defense to guard #24. Me Zach Roby Nate Darius Fred Mike and KeAris, Oh yes we will be ready.

  3. stephen sheffey

    we should’ve won the first time around.

  4. Not sure. I’m calling today.

    I’d rather you be worried about getting better and winning games. You could be wearing gold-laced uniforms; but, if you’re not winning, you won’t look real hot.

    • Marcellus Miller

      Gold lace? NICE!! LOL! But Kuz he is right. Your focus must be on that mirror we talked about this past weekend.

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