MML news for Tulip week

First off, here’s the hotel information I posted earlier. Make sure you let your coach know if you need a ride, a hotel room or both. If you plan on waiting until the last minute to let your coach know, don’t bother coming. Take ownership. And if you want to play in Holland, make sure you settle up with me or your coach for the team fee. I will need the balance of the fee before the Tulip Tip-off so I can start squaring away our summer tournaments.

Second, the U-16 team will be practicing from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday at the Cage with the U-17 team. Spread the word. I’m hoping to make this a permanent change.

Finally, congrats to the U-15 team for an outstanding second-place finish in the tournament in Detroit this weekend. They lost in the finals to Team Detroit. Great job guys!


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3 responses to “MML news for Tulip week

  1. javonte speights

    I will need both room and ride.

  2. stephen sheffey

    i need ride and room too, sorry i couldn’t make it to the tournament saturday

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