Up North Challenge pools and schedule

17-under Pool A

A1 Basketball Workshop Suns

A2 CMAS Travel

A3 JJKN Prospects

A4 Parallel 45 

Pool B


B2 Central UP

B3 CMAS Elite

B4 West Michigan Lakers

Pool C

C1 Camp Darryl

C2 JJKN Potential

C3 Mid-Michigan Lakers

C4 TEAM Basketball

16-under Pool E

E1 Camp Darryl Royal

E2 Charlevoix

E3 Mid-Michigan Lakers

E4 Parallel 45 Green

Pool F

F1 ACB North

F2 Camp Darryl White

F3 Elite Basketball

F4 Parallel 45 White 

Pool G

G1 ACB South

G2 CMAS Elite

G3 JJKN Prospects

G4 West Michigan Lakers

15 Under Pool H

H1 Central Lake

H2 CMAS Travel

H3 Mid-Michigan Lakers

H4 Parallel 45

H5 West Michigan Flight

Pool I

I1 Camp Darryl

I2 CMAS Elite

I3 JJKN Prospects

I4 TEAM Basketball

I5 West Michigan Lakers

Courts 1-3: Bellaire High School

Court 4: Central Lake High School

Court 5: Central Lake Elementary

Pool Schedule

Saturday, April 24

8:30 am  Ct 1: A1 vs A2

               Ct 2: C1 vs. C2

               Ct 3: C3 vs C4

               Ct 4: I2 vs I3

9:40 am  Ct 1: B1 vs B4

              Ct 2: H1 vs H4

              Ct 3: E1 vs E3

              Ct 4: H2 vs H5

              Ct 5: I1 vs I5

10:50 am  Ct 1: A1 vs A4

                Ct 2: G1 vs G4

                Ct 3: F1 vs F2

                Ct 4: C1 vs C3

                Ct 5: I2 vs I4

Noon  Ct 1: E1 vs E4

           Ct 2: A2 vs A3

           Ct 3: H2 vs H4

           Ct 4: H1 vs H3

           Ct 5: E2 vs E3

   1:10 pm  Ct 1: G1 vs G2

              Ct 2: G3 vs G4

              Ct 3: B1 vs B2

              Ct 4: I1 vs I2

              Ct 5: F2 vs F3

2:20 pm  Ct 2: F1 vs F4

              Ct 3: I4 vs I5

              Ct 4: H1 vs H2

              Ct 5: H3 vs H5

3:30 pm  Ct 1: B3 vs B4

              Ct 2: G2 vs G4

              Ct 3: E3 vs E4

              Ct 4: E1 vs E2 

              Ct 5: C2 vs C4

4:40 pm   Ct 1: I3 vs I4

               Ct 2: H2 vs H3

               Ct 3: H4 vs H5

               Ct 4: F1 vs F3

               Ct 5: F2 vs F4

5:50 pm  Ct 1: A1 vs A3

              Ct 2: A2 vs A4

              Ct 3: C1 vs C4

              Ct 4: I1 vs I4

              Ct 5: I3 vs I5

7 pm  Ct 1: C2 vs. C3

         Ct 2: B1 vs. B3

         Ct 3: I2 vs I5

         Ct 4: H1 vs H5

         Ct 5: H3 vs H4

8:10 pm  Ct 1: I1 vs I3

              Ct 2: G1 vs G3

              Ct 3: B2 vs. B4

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