UP NORTH CHALLENGE: Schedule coming tonight

The schedule for this weekend’s Up North Challenge should be published tonight. I will post it as soon as it’s ready.

As for this weekend, your coaches are limited in their ability to transport players. We, in other words, don’t have school buses to take you guys down there. We need you to be proactive. (I better not have anyone tell me they can’t make it to practice or a tournament after the fact for lack of a ride — look up “proactive” in the dictionary.) Ask your teammates first, then ask your coaches for a ride.

The ride up to Bellaire should take no more than three hours and 15 minutes, so plan accordingly. We will not have any games Friday night, though we may have an early game on Saturday — I will find out tonight. That will dictate whether or not we stay up there Friday night. If we have to stay in hotel rooms, plan on bringing an extra $15 for each night to cover the costs of lodging. Also bring extra money for food.

Payment reminder: Please bring half of your $400 team fee to practice this week. This will secure your spot in the tournament and get you your jersey.


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5 responses to “UP NORTH CHALLENGE: Schedule coming tonight

  1. darius wilson

    my mom will only be able to pay 100 and somethings thursday…contact me at 238-4986

  2. prepfan

    If you have kids that still need a ride I can always take a couple up. Not a problem

  3. darius wilson

    hey jared i got 150 right now still tryn to get 200 i was wondering if i didnt get the full 200 will it be alright

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