Rosters are up, please check your number

The rosters have been posted here. Please check to see if you can live with your jersey number. If you make a comment on this post by the end of the day with a preferred number, I should be able to change it.

Also, we need EVERYONE to be at their respective practice this week. We have only two practices before our first tournament and I’m not trying to get your heads cracked up north. We don’t practice just because we’re supposed to. We practice to get better. If you don’t take practice seriously, we’re not going to take you seriously. Spring/summer basketball is an extension of school ball, so treat it that way. If you wouldn’t do it during the high school season, don’t do it here.

If you cannot be at practice, please contact your coach.

Finally, we will not have a Friday night game at the Up North Challenge. Depending on how early we will play on Saturday morning, we may want to stay up there on Friday night.



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5 responses to “Rosters are up, please check your number

  1. darius wilson

    jared can u try to get me number 1, and i will have
    money next thursday .

    \ thanks

  2. javonte speights

    jared can you try to get me number 25 please & thank you

  3. Tyler Black

    jared can I get number 21

  4. Rayshon Thomas

    jared can i have #34

  5. fred perkins

    jared can you get me 5 or 15? thanks

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