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Flint’s Finest Hoops Classic- MML U15 schedule 2014

It’s an exciting week here with MML as our first tournament is fast approaching this upcoming weekend, April 18, 19.  So far, the schedule for the pool games on Friday are as follows:

Friday, April 18, 2014- 12:00 pm vs. Tri City Heat @ the Cage Fieldhouse court 4

Friday, April 18, 2014- 4:00 pm vs. Flintstones@ the Cage Fieldhouse court 2

Bear in mind that the schedule is tentative until Thursday at 5:00 pm when it goes final.  As you can see, two games are scheduled pool games and any games following, will be scheduled based on the results from these pool games.  The more we win, the more we play.  In this tournament, only three games are guaranteed, so to keep playing after game 3, we MUST win.  We will post more information if it becomes available or if the schedule changes.

Parents, it is imperative that the U15 kids be at practice on Thursday, April 17 from 7-9 pm at the Cage as we will finalize preparation for the tourney.  Spring break has put us firmly behind the 8-ball in terms of practice and preparation, but we will adapt and overcome

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Tentative 2014 Schedule


Flints Finest Tournament: April 18-19 (Flint) * U-15 only

Warrior Jamfest: May 2-4 (Livonia)

Moneyball Shootout: May 9-11, (Lansing)

CDBA/BankHoops: May 16-18 (Kalamazoo)

Up North Challenge: May 23-25 (Mt. Pleasant)


TBD: Based on spring performance

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U-16 White Team will not participate in NCAA tournaments

I’ve put this off as long as I can: The U-16 White team will not participate in NCAA tournaments this month. As of today, only four players are eligible to participate.

I will mail out $100 refunds to the parents of those players.

Like Coach Miller said in a prior post, this is uncharted water for us. We have never had to cancel NCAA tournaments due to lack of participation. It’s disappointing, embarrassing and everything in between, but it’s the right thing to do.

Have a great rest of the summer. Don’t waste your time with foolishness; be focused on getting better every day.

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A First Time, and Hopefully the Last Time…(2013 U17 team)

It is with great aggravation that I write this piece today.  I spent the end of May bragging about how much my boys had turned the corner individually and as a team.  Perhaps even more importantly, as a group I would now call “men.”  I also cautioned the group that they would have to earn and live up to that title throughout the course of time.  June is a month of slack as a general practice in AAU ball.  There are no tournaments and thus many teams separate for its entirety.  Not the U17 MML squad of 2013 though and we started strong with our entire group minus 2 at the first June practice.  At that practice, the team made a committment to me as the coach, to the team, and to themselves to do whatever it took in June to have success in July.  They sealed that committment by writing a plan inside a book that I wrote and had published under a poem called “What is Success?” 

Unbeknownst to me, that would be the team highlight of June.  Slowly members’ attendance dwindled at practices.  Those who did attend will attest that they were some of the best and hardest practices we had all in an effort to improve.  10 players turned to 5, which turned to 3, and even 2.  At the last practice, I had more new players that wanted to join the team come (3) as those who were on the team (2).  It was at that point I began to re-evaluate the merits of our July schedule that was planned.  A trip to Indianapolis, a trip to Grand rapids, Fort Wayne or maybe even Chicago had to be considered, then reconsidered again.  I had to look at the players that fell bu the wayside without as much as a text to the one coach that gave them a legitimate shot in AAU to play and IMPROVE.  I really don’t care about kids that quit; frankly, I only ever want players that want to be Lakers to be there.  However, the excuses for missing began to mount; excuses that I know would not be given to a high school coach that likely has not invested nearly the finances in them as MML did.  MML is and will continue to be built on everything opposite of what opponents of travel ball complain about.  We honor God, we work hard, we have respect for ourselves, the game, and each other, and we do not circumvent the rules.  I was forced to examine if this team in particular had lost sight of those ideals.

Consequently, I did everything I could to avoid the fate that I have to present today.  As a unit, we did not take care of our fiduciary responsibility, nor our responsibility as a team or band of brothers.  We showed that we were not ready to carry the mantle as men though a few may have been.  For the first time in MML history, I have decided to cancel the entire month of July’s schedule.  For those who may not know, college coaches will tell you that July is the most important recruiting month on the calendar bar none.  That means that I had to choose to eliminate that time for MML that could literally change the futures of the players involved.  That was not an easy choice, but one that had to be made.  After years of unity and operating at a level of excellence, the responsibility placed on this group this year was too much to bear for them. 

I honestly feel terribly bad.  Nothing about me wants to give up on any group of young men.  The reason why I have done this for so many years is the potential impact it can have on ushering necessary changes in players’ lives.  But I cannot look at myself in the mirror if I give to the group what was not earned.  Somehow we have gotten the idea that someone owes us something and become an entitled group.  Well, it is my responsibility to burst the bubble of that false sense of reality.  I post this in the hope that those that read it on this team will wake up and also as a point of consideration for those coming up through the program.  This team was given custom uniforms, custom socks, time in two gyms for free, and a plethora of time from leadership.  In return, they gave excuses, reasons, elite attitude, and lack of appreciation.  That is not nor will it ever be acceptable for the Mid Michigan Lakers, period.  Not now, not ever.  Unfortunately, the lesson had to be learned the hard way this time.


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U-16 Blue Team update: Fort Wayne

The U-16 Blue Team will be competing in one tournament in July. The GRBA National Championships in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are a member of this team, you will need to confirm with your coach before the end of the week. Please let Coach Hutton know if you will be able to attend. Text him at 810-441-3821.

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MML U17 Spring Session Recap

2013 Camp Darryl/ Silver Division Champs

2013 Camp Darryl/ Silver Division Champs

I remember doing the recap last spring and thinking I did not know when I would again be so happy to do it.  At the time I believe we were 27-7 and feeling good about the majority of our performances.  We had a title in our first tournament and a second place finish to boot.  Much of that was expected based on the talent and chemistry we believed we had (although we lost a huge piece due to injury in the second tournament).  This year’s team honestly gave me heartburn thinking about it after our tryouts.  We had gone from only one person under 6’0″ last year to no one over 6’3″ this year.  I remember thinking that I knew some of the kids could play, but that being a .500 team would be an accomplishment with the size disadvantages we faced.  But what I didn’t know was that these guys were hungry…

Hard practices, a lot of teaching, and a good helping of discipline brought this group together as they seemed to gel as each tournament went by.  Some didn’t make it to this point; an unfortunate bump in the road to success, but also creating opportunities for others to step up.  Those who perservered saw the light at the end of the tunnel to continue to grow brighter and brighter.  The reward of running toward that light was a 5-1 showing and susequent silver division championship run at the Camp Darryl/ Classic in Kalamazoo. 

We played the first game in that tournament with 6 guys.  We were up by only 4 points at halftime, yet we won by a final margin of 29 with Amariontez Ivory-Thomas (Tez) scoring 36 points to lead us.  There were games when some didn’t play well, but others quickly jumped in to fill the void for them.  In every game we were clearly overmatched in terms of height (and it wasn’t close), but the team decided that it would not be the thing that stopped them.  In our only loss, a 24-point deficit was chopped to 6 before losing by 9.  The comeback showed the heart that would carry us the whole tournament.  In the semifinal game against BBC Select, Tez had a first half for the ages.  I believe he missed one shot the entire half, prompting the opposing coach to try a gimmick defense to stop him and then even question his eligibility (that he was a senior) because he was playing so well.  When they singled him out, he found his teammates unselfishly.  The team learned how to win in that type of pressure-filled game as Tez finished with 27 points and Marquavian Stephens (Marq) dropped 20 to notch an 8-point win.

The championship game versus the Macomb County Cougars was one to remember.  It was as fast-paced as any game I  can remember coaching in the 21 years I have been doing it.  The action was unreal as again our two tallest guys were giving up 5-8″ each on the opposing team’s big men.  They were attacking us down low, while we were attacking them with speed and outside shooting.  Tez again carried us in the beginning, but it may have been a shoe change by another player that brought the title home.  Last year’s MVP (and the only Laker to have his jersey retired), JD Tisdale, was there serving as my assistant coach when he noticed Marq looking uncomfortable.  He said to me, “…he [Marq] can’t jump.  It looks like his shoes are hurting him.  I will give him mine to play in.”  He did that and whether or not they felt any better I have no clue, but Marq played like a man possessed the rest of the game.  Torandis Mack bounced back from an ankle injury in the semifinal to attack the basket with force en route to 14 big points.  Jamil Demps added 13 points and his usual suffocating defense.  Marq led the way with 25 points, while Tez threw in 23 and led us again in rebounding.  It capped off a great all-tournament team performance from Tez (the only one to make the team from the silver division) where he averaged 25 points and rebounded well above his size.  Marq also had a great tournament and should have been an all-tournament team selection in my book as well.  He frustrated teams all weekend, some even suggesting that he play football because he was that tough.  Kelvin Weston earned a starting role and showed why as he was part of a defensive perimeter that was outstanding while also chipping in scoring when needed.  Jacob Littles, Fred Toins, and Mike Kimball knocked down a few three-point bombs and Jacob continued to lead us defensively as he has done all spring.  He must have rubbed off on Fred because he displayed defense that none of us knew he had!

We have won titles before in Laker history, but this one was really special because no one could have expected it at that point.  It capped off a spring that saw us finish April/May with a 14-8 record (.636) with a 7-2 burst in the final two tournaments of the spring.  As we move through the school season of June, the guys left even hungrier for more success which I am sure their high school coaches will appreciate.  I even had one player ask if we were practicing on the holiday (Memorial Day)!  The answer was “no”, but I loved the fact that he wanted to.  I am extremely proud of what this team has done so far, but the present is far from the end result.  They all wrote June plans for July success (pictured below) as they realize the importance of not having a letdown in effort.  The July ncaa-certified session will bring more challenges and more opportunity to show coaches and scouts what the Lakers are made of.  The boys that I started with in April have grown into men and are better on and off the court for it.  They rose above disappointment in Lansing to win their very next time out.  Discipline and sacrifice in practice, workouts, games, social media, and sometimes friendships bring rewards in future endeavors.  I am excited to see where this group goes in July and into their senior seasons.  I believe there will be some surprised coaches out there…


The fellas writing June plans for success in July

The fellas writing June plans for success in July

Spring Record: 14-8

Best Finish: 1st place silver division of Camp Darryl/ (Tez all-tournament team)

Spring MVP: Amariontez Ivory-Thomas

Spring All-Defense: Jacob Littles/Torandis Mack/Jamil Demps

Spring Most Improved: Kelvin Weston

Spring Heart Award: Marquavian Stephens

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Schedule for CDBA Classic in Kalamazoo this weekend

Tournament Sites:

Courthouse Athletic Center
7365 S Sprinkle Rd. 
Portage, MI
*courts CH#1-4 – BE ADVISED: Courthouse does not allow outside food and drinks.  Personal reusable water containers are acceptable, but not throw away plastic bottles.
Loy Norrix High School
606 E. Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI
*courts LN MAIN & LN AUX
Centerpoint Church
2345 N 10th St. 
Kalamazoo, MI
*courts CP#1 & CP #2


L1. Macomb County Cougars

L3 vs. L4

Fri. 9:30 pm

CH #2

L2. Mid Michigan Lakers

L1 vs. L2

Sat. 8:00 am

CH #1 – dark jerseys

L3. Michigan Madness

L4 vs. L2

Sat. 11:30 am

CH #3- dark jerseys


L3 vs. L1

Sat. 11:30 am

CH #4


L1 vs. L4

Sat. 3:00 pm

CH #3


L2 vs. L3

Sat. 5:20 pm

CH #4- light jerseys

*UPDATE: For MML u17, if we finish 1st in the pool, our first bracket game will be Saturday night at 7:40 pm.  2nd or 3rd place will have us playing Sunday morning at 10:20 am.  4th place will tick coach Miller off, but have us playing at 8:50 pm Saturday evening.

U-16 Blue


G3 vs. G4

Fri. 9:30 pm

CP #1- light jerseys

G2. Elite Skills

G1 vs. G2

Fri. 8:20 pm

LN Main

G3. Mid Michigan Lakers Blue

G2 vs. G4

Sat. 9:10 am

CP #1

G4. Shoreline Hoops East

G1 vs. G3

Sat. 10:20 am

LN Main – dark jerseys


G2 vs. G3

Sat. 12:40 pm

LN Main – dark jerseys


G4 vs. G1

Sat. 1:50 pm

LN Main

~UPDATE:  The first bracket game for MML u16-blue,  wherever we finish, will be 8:00 am Sunday morning.

U-16 White

J1. CDBA North

J1 vs. J2

Fri. 6:00 pm

CP #1

J2. Shoreline Hoops West

J3 vs. J4

Fri. 7:10 pm

CP #2 – light jerseys

J3. Mid Michigan Lakers WhiteJ4. Tri County Tigers

J1 vs. J3

J2 vs. J4

J2 vs. J3

J4 vs. J1

Sat. 8:00 am

Sat. 8:00 am

Sat. 3:00 pm

Sat. 4:10 pm

CH #4 – dark jerseys

CP #1

LN Main – dark jerseys

LN Main

~UPDATE: For MML u16-white, a 1st or 3rd place pool finish will put us in a bracket game at 7:40 pm Saturday night.  A 2nd or 4th place finish will have the bracket game at 8:00 am Sunday morning.

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Schedule for Moneyball Shootout in Lansing

PLAYING SITE: AIM HIGH – 7977 Centerline Drive, Dimondale, MI 48821


SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013
3:35PM – COURT #2 (1 vs 2)
5:45PM – COURT #4 (2 vs 3)
7:55PM – COURT #4 (1 vs 3)
1) OAA
SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013
3:35PM – COURT #3 (1 vs 2)
5:45PM – COURT #5 (2 vs 3)
7:55PM – COURT #5 (1 vs 3)


SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013
4:40PM – COURT #1 (1 vs 2)
4:40PM – COURT #2 (3 vs 4)
6:50PM – COURT #1 (2 vs 3)
6:50PM – COURT #2 (1 vs 4)

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Schedules for Michigan Warriors Jam Fest- May 4,5

Okay, here we go for the tournament this weekend.  Be advised that we are only guaranteed 3 games in this tournament so every game is important in jockeying for position to play in bracket play.  Take each opponent seriously, no matter what they may look like.  Let’s go win!  Parents/family/guardians, there are a plethora of hotel options in the Livonia area should you decide to stay.

U17 (Pool E):

Game P10 Saturday @10:20 am- vs. Team Detroit (Franklin court 10)

Game P22 Saturday @2:20 pm- vs. Michigan Elite (Franklin court 11)

Game P33 Saturday @6:20 pm- vs. Blue Angels (Churchill court 4)

If 1st place or 2nd place in pool, we will play at 0920 Sunday morning at Stevenson.

U16- Blue (Pool A):

Game P1 Saturday @09:00 am- vs. Parallel 45 (Churchill court 01)

Game P13 Saturday @01:00 pm- vs. ZBA Elite (Churchill court 03)

Game P25 Saturday @05:00 pm- vs. Michigan Warriors (Churchill court 01)

If 1st in pool, we play at 1:20 pm on Sunday.  If 2nd, 10:40am Sunday at Stevenson.

U16-White (Pool B):

Game P5 Saturday @09:00 am- vs. Westside Slammers (Churchill court 03)

Game P18 Saturday @01:00 pm- vs. Little Ma Power (Franklin court 11)

Game P30 Saturday @05:00 pm- vs. Plymouth-Canton Wolfpack (Churchill court 04)

If 1st in pool, we play at 1:20 pm on Sunday.  If 2nd, 10:40am Sunday at Stevenson.

Site Addresses for Tournament

1. Livonia Churchill High School

8900 Newburgh RD.

Livonia, MI. 48150

2. Livonia Franklin High School

31000 Joy RD.

Livonia, MI. 48150

3. Livonia Stevenson High School

33500 Six Mile RD.

Livonia, MI. 48152

4. Northville High School

45700 Six Mile RD.

Northville, MI. 48168

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Storm Classic Preliminary Information…

Since I have received inquiries regarding this weekend, i will post what we know so far.  We know that all teams will be playing on Friday evening.  When we play on Saturday and how many games we play on Saturday will be based on that first game and the subsequent ones to follow.  It is a format that I have never seen before, but we will roll with the punches.  Parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/guardians/friends if you have not been to an event like this before, please read the post below regarding certified events.  The first games for each team is as follows:

U17- Friday night 8:15 p.m. vs. Saginaw Underdawgs- Red on court #24 (Forest Hills Northern HS)

U16 Blue- Friday night 7:00 p.m. vs. ACB- Black on court #8 (Northview HS)

U16 White- Friday night 7:00 p.m. vs. Triple Threat- White on court #9 (Northview HS)

Again the times for the next games will depend on whether we win or lose as we go.  We will update as we get more information from the tournament directors.

Court # Location Address (click for directions)
1 MVP MVP Fieldhouse 5435 28th Street Court
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
2 MVP MVP Fieldhouse
3 MVP MVP Fieldhouse
4 MVP MVP Fieldhouse
5 MVP MVP Fieldhouse
6 NPC Northpointe Christian HS 3101 Leonard St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
7 NPC Northpointe Christian HS
8 NHS Northview HS 4451 Hunsberger Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
9 NHS Northview HS
10 NHS Northview HS
11 GRC Grand Rapids Christian HS 2300 Plymouth Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
12 GRC Grand Rapids Christian HS
13 GRC Grand Rapids Christian HS
14 EK East Kentwood HS 6230 Kalamazoo Ave.
Kentwood, MI 49508
15 EK East Kentwood HS
16 EK East Kentwood HS
17 EK East Kentwood HS
18 EK East Kentwood HS
19 CU Cornerstone University 1001 E Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
20 CU Cornerstone University
21 CU Cornerstone University
22 CU Cornerstone University
23 FHN Forest Hills Northern HS 3801 Leonard NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
24 FHN Forest Hills Northern HS
25 DAV Davenport University 6191 Kraft Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
26 DAV Davenport University
27 DAV Davenport University
28 CAL Calvin College Knollcrest Cir SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
29 CAL Calvin College
30 CAL Calvin College
31 CAL Calvin College

Hotels that are sponsored by the tournament can be found here: .  Bear in mind there are many more hotel options available in the Grand rapids area.,, etc. are alternate ways of finding accommodations.

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